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Furnace replacements & installations:

Realizing you need a new furnace for your home can be overwhelming. The experts at Six Star Heating and Cooling can help ease your worries with our vast knowledge and great customer service. When making this big investment, you can be sure to trust us and know you will be satisfied both now and in the future. We are more than happy to show you the difference it makes to have a pro take care of your heating problems. Say hello to long-term comfort.

Why is Expert Furnace Installation and Repair so important?

When buying or repairing a furnace, efficiency can be a big aspect of your thought process. Six Star knows that proper installation and repair of your furnace can dramatically affect its efficiency. Hiring our expert technicians to install or repair your furnace can:

  • Improve your output
  • Increase your home’s energy efficiency
  • Keep the system running for years longer

Heater repair – 24-hour furnace repair:

Furnace break right before the temperature drops? Hearing weird noises coming from your furnace? Put your worries aside and call the Six Star experts to alleviate the problem. Whether it’s 8:00am or 8:00pm, Six Star is available 24 hours a day to figure out your furnace problem and fix it.

Heater maintenance – furnace maintenance services:

It’s no secret that the cold Pittsburgh winters seem to drag on for months. The best way to stand up to the cold is to get your furnace checked with a maintenance checkup by Six Star. By doing so, Six Star can help you maximize your energy usage, and save you money down the road on bigger and more expensive repairs.

Heat pump installation & replacement:

Heat pumps provide an extra layer of comfort year-round. With effective heating in the winter and satisfying cooling in the summer, there is not much work for a heat pump other than routine maintenance from Six Star after installation. Once your heat pump gets towards the end of its natural life, we know that our heat pump installation will ensure you continue to get the best in heating and cooling. While routine maintenance can help strengthen the lifespan of your heat pump, after 10-15 years the time will come to replace it. With our experts at Six Star, you can trust that your heat pump will be replaced and installed with a top of the line new pump.

Signs You Need a New Heat Pump:

  • Your heat pump is a decade or more old: The U.S. Department of Energy recommends replacement every 10 years or so, because new models are much more efficient.
  • Your energy costs keep rising: Heat pumps are supposed to help keep your energy consumption lower, but older machines cannot do this like a newer pump.
  • Your heat pump barely works: You can get by for a while with an old machine, but you cannot compare the comfort of a new, efficient heat pump.
  • Your repair bill is too high: If you are looking at repair charges that are half as much or more than the cost of a new one, your money is better spent on a replacement.